Happisburgh Owls: 01692 651 501

Phone Happisburgh Owls on their UK contact number 01692 651 501 for details about this Norfolk bird sanctuary, to purchase an experience voucher and for details about the species housed there.

Happisburgh Owls is a small bird sanctuary which houses tame animals, which means its ideal for family visits where you can stroke the owls and get loads of great pictures. You can contact them on their Norfolk phone number 01692 651 501 to purchase an experience voucher for yourself or as a gift so that you can see the owls, where you can also get advice on what to bring on the day. Moreover if you are a disabled customer you can phone their helpline for accessibility details so that you can visit the sanctuary safely. In the unfortunate circumstance whereby you are unable to travel to Happisburgh Owls you can phone this number for details on how you can get a refund. Alternatively if you have previously visited the sanctuary you can call this helpline to provide feedback such as compliments and complaints, where you can also enquire about your favourite owls to find out how they’re getting on.

Phoning the Happisburgh Owl sanctuary will cost the same as making an equivalent call to any other local number, meaning those which start in an 01 or 02 UK area code. Therefore you will even be able to call them for free if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff. If you are travelling to the sanctuary and you need to contact the owner immediately due to a delay you can use their mobile number 07766 895 454 if you are unable to call them on the main landline.

Reviews for Happisburgh Owls

People who have visited the Happisburgh Owls sanctuary and reviewed are overwhelmingly positive about their experience, in fact it is one of the top 3 things to do in the whole of Norfolk! These real reviewers have praised the friendly staff and the freedom in which they are allowed to hold the gentle birds. More importantly they also compliment the excellent conditions in which the birds are housed, meaning the owls are happy and content when you visit them.

Full postal address

If you would like to write a thank you letter to the Happisburgh Owls sanctuary you can use their full postal address below, which is also helpful to enter into your sat-nav device when travelling to the centre by car.

Happisburgh Owls,
Lighthouse Lane,
NR12 0QA,
United Kingdom.